Research ‘Prestige of the teaching profession in Latvia’

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

In Latvia, the majority of education employees at all education levels are women. This is also reflected in the LIZDA’s membership structure which is as follows: • Total number of members:25 300 (2018) • Number of female members:22 897 (90%) • Decision making bodies of LIZDA: • LIZDA Board: 13/12 (female) • LIZDA Council: 61/57(female) LIZDA has been actively participating in activities addressing gender equality in the education sector and has undertaken research and analysis of the teacher pay calculation methodology from a gender perspective.


In 2016, LIZDA undertook research called “Prestige of the teaching profession in Latvia” (2016). It showed that in Latvia, there is a very small amount of male teachers and that men do not choose the teaching profession because of limited career opportunities, low pay and low professional prestige. In addition, it revealed that male teachers are employed full time more frequently, and thus, receive higher pay than a female working part time. Lastly, it highlighted that male teachers’ pensions are on average 18% higher than female teachers’ pensions.


The research has highlighted the existing gender pay gaps and gender pension gaps in the education sector in Latvia.


The research was funded from the LIZDA budget.

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