Israeli and German teachers together against racism and anti-Semitism: Confrontation with the Holocaust in education and teaching

External practice


Since 1968 until today.


Histadrut HaMorim (ITU), German Education Union (GEW), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Foundation).

Reason it was developed

The memory of the common history, the task of the teachers in both countries for the responsible "education after Auschwitz."


15 teachers from both countries meet alternately in Israel and Germany. They hold a joint seminar in which they share their experiences in teaching about the Holocaust, and provide didactic and methodological impulses. The seminar is shaped by the participants' own contributions. The seminar is followed by a cultural program in the host country.


The evaluation of the seminars shows again and again that the personal encounter of the participants is the most important result. It is also important that current scientific, educational and political issues are included and (quite controversially) discussed. The reports from everyday school life, the imparting of new didactic perspectives, the irritations and emotions, the intercultural experiences have a long-lasting effect. They influence both their own teaching and the discussion in the trade unions. And last but not least, personal friendships and marriages are an important result.


The seminar (including accommodation and meals) is financed by the two unions. The participants pay around a third as their own contribution. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation supports the financing and organization.


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