Inclusion of migrants and refugees in the education system

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

The main reason is that there was an influx of refugees from Afghanistan in our country and their stay has been extended beyond the expected time. 1100 refugees are still in Albania and a significant part of them are children who need to be integrated in schools.


Until now, a round table was held between the members of the national council of our union who come from every district of our state. At that meeting was discussed about this situation and what our union can do to facilitate the integration of refugees during their stay in the state ours. From our stay in Shengjin, we had the opportunity to gather information from some refugees stationed there. We also conducted conversations with Afghan and Albanian teachers to get to know their needs for a high-quality education.


The results were expected, all the participants in the meeting were ready to help facilitate their integration, the expectations are that for this period of time that they will stay, all the children will have the opportunity to study and become familiar with Albanian society.


SPASH and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Tirana

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