Collective Bargaining Agreement

Internal practice



Reason it was developed

For gaining equal rights to all academic members of the Trade union. To obtain labour peace and also to set the system of labour relations.


Defends legal rights of trade union members, by law, by negotiations or by strike if needed. Awareness raising activities / events in equality related subjects, especially on international days. Representation in administrative meetings as Senate meeting, University Administrative board, etc. Supports external organisations in social problems which are of common interest.


Collective bargaining agreement is signed regularly since 2019 every two years, between the trade union and the administration. The most recent one is 2022-24 and this agreement is expected to continue in the future years.


The awareness rising events are expected to motivate members for proposing projects to support equality issues in the future. The union has allocated a certain amount in the 2023 budget for such projects.


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