Discussing menopause in schools and the effects on female teachers

External practice
Beeld: Nino Massouradze
Beeld: Nino Massouradze



Reason it was developed

Research on this topic has shown that in the education sector menopausal women report sick 36 percent more often than other teachers and their work capacity decreases with 25 to 34 percent. There is also a lack of understanding what women go through and how the menopause not only effects their daily lives but also their self-confidence. Many women are also wrongly diagnosed. This addition to the CLA will help recognize the problems more quickly and address them in the right way.


A provision in the CLA that gives the possibility to women in the menopause to discuss their symptoms, for a better understanding and to prevent long-term failure. The AOb also wrote an article about the menopause and how it got in the CLA and we are also planning to organize workshops on this topic.


By making it possible to talk about menopause, women will experience less resistance from their employers to discuss the difficulties that go with it. It has been introduced recently in the CLA, so it is not yet possible to address the challenges and successes.


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