Women from education in the fight against violence and for gender equality

External practice


Two days (June, 30 - July, 1, 2023)

Reason it was developed

Escalation of violence in society in general, and particularly against women in education.


A two-day seminar - "Women from education in the fight against violence and for gender equality”- was held in Belgrade at the end of June/beginning of July last year. The seminar which gathered great number of participants (more than 30) from all levels of education throughout Serbia was organized by Women’s section of Teachers Union of Serbia. The aim of the seminar was to encourage activists of our union to participate more strongly in realizing women's rights and their functioning in a safer working and social environment. The presenters were eminent representatives of state and scientific structures that have been dealing with issues of women's position and gender equality for years. The following topics were covered: - Research on the position of women in the trade union - presentation of the results - Discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices in public discourse (how to recognize them and how to react) - Challenges of gender equality and the fight against violence - what and with whom we can make change (possible solutions) - Women's Section of the Teachers Union of Serbia: challenges and opportunities - Previous and forthcoming activities of the ETUCE Standing Committee for Equality The participants expressed their satisfaction with the variety of issues analyzed at the seminar. In a direct conversation, they talked about their personal experiences related to violence and mobbing as well as the implementation of laws that should ensure adequate protection of women. During the panel discussion they gave the following comments (suggestions) and proposals: although there is room for normative improvements, the key problem in Serbia is non-compliance and/or non-application of existing laws; it is necessary to nurture solidarity as an almost forgotten value; continuous training of women for their active participation in trade union activities requires the appropriate support of the state and society as a whole.


Raising awareness of the scale of violence against women - Empowering women to show initiative in changing laws related to discrimination and gender issues.


ETUCE Kounka Damianova award.


Trade Union members
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