A series of activities aimed at closing the gender pension gap

External practice
NASUWT Women's Teachers' Consultation Conference
NASUWT Women's Teachers' Consultation Conference




The government.

Reason it was developed

There is a significant gender pensions gap in the teaching profession, which has been exacerbated by Government policy since 2010: • Women tend to have lower levels of accrued pension because of patterns of working linked to family and carer responsibilities; • Increased pension age for women; • Many women teachers are trapped in a vicious circle of insecure and intermittent employment agency work; Agency workers in the UK are not entitled to public sector pensions at all. This detrimentally affects thousands of teachers.


The NASUWT campaigns for all teachers, including agency workers, to be enrolled in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and for a lower pension age for all working people, including working women.


The NASUWT campaign is ongoing and the pressure towards the government is being maintained.


Funded from internal union funds


United Kingdom
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