Creating a dedicated women’s structure in the union

Internal practice
NEU-NUT Women's Forums’ Facebook group
NEU-NUT Women's Forums’ Facebook group


Ongoing since 2016.

Reason it was developed

Two separate education unions have merged to form a National Education Union in 2017. With over 450,000 members, the newly formed union was much bigger and it was decided it warranted a separate equality unit. Hence, the Equality, Social Justice and International Department was established with two full-time staff members being dedicated to gender equality issues.


One of the key building blocks of the union work has been the Women’s Organising Forums set up in 2016. They were set up to promote and develop the engagement of women in the Union; share and build on effective practice and advise on policy in relation to respective groups. There are dedicated staff allocated to leading the Forums at the regional level.


The work of the Forums is focussed on the following: • Increasing the involvement of female union members and improving their representation in the union’s positions of power • Ensuring that women’s members issues are identified specifically and mainstreamed into the union’s policies.


Funded from internal union funds.


United Kingdom
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