Positive actions to empower female unionists

Internal practice
NEU-NUT members voting at Congress
NEU-NUT members voting at Congress



Reason it was developed

To increase female participation at annual conference (NUT Section).


• The union’s key forum is the Annual conference with over 1,000 members. It was considered that the set-up is not conducive to women members speaking up. Hence, in 2013, the way speaking time was allocated was changed within the NUT section. Instead of a first come first served basis, the speakers are now registered in advance, and they are alternating between a man and a woman. • In 2015, the union (NUT section) has passed a motion that the union’s executive should be more reflective of its predominantly female membership. • The new NEU Executive Committee have been elected from 16 regional districts. Two of these positions within each region would be reserved for women. 56% of the NEU executive are now women.


The union has seen an increase in the female representation in the decision-making structures. NEU (NUT Section) first Woman General Secretary was in 2009. The past 8 Presidents have been women and NEU executive are 56% women.


Funded from internal union funds.


United Kingdom
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