Training for Trade Union members on gender sensitive legislation

Internal practice
CRSTESA Gender Equality Training
CRSTESA Gender Equality Training



Reason it was developed

The principle of gender equality is fixed in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and in the Labor Code. In the Constitution (2005) of Armenia this principle has been formulated as discrimination on a variety of grounds, including gender-based discrimination. Although a special article on gender equality was added in 2015, de jure gender equality has not resulted in de facto equality. Consequently, there is a need for a special gender policy imperative. The Armenian government has taken certain steps to address this issue in its national policy according to the principles of international agreements. Nevertheless, the Labor Code and other legal acts on labor relations still contain too many gaps on equality issues between men and women.


The main topics of the workshops are the discussions of the mentioned gaps of the legislation, and trade union actions that can be implemented to prevent inequality at work.


Internal trade union's funding.


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