Stereotypes & Prejudices

External practice


3 weeks.


This project was developed by the students of the 12th in the subject “Arts Workshop” at a Secondary School in the outskirts of Lisbon.

Reason it was developed

It was developed in Citizenship & Development.


The students discussed about the concepts of Stereotypes and Prejudices at the present time and how these concepts influence the social relationships among people. Then the students decided about the common project to be exhibited to the school community in an interactive model, meaning that students wanted the community to interact, to merge into their exhibition. So, they decided to draw portraits that could be identified by the viewers due to the common stereotypes. Therefore, they discussed about the stereotyped portraits and came into the conclusion that it would be: a surfer, a politician, a liar, a dreamer, a plumber, a scientist, a greedy, a miser, a Rock star, a nurse, a pensioner, a teacher, a kleptomaniac.


As all places at school to exhibit the students’ works have been closed, the only empty and safe place were some display windows in a corridor that leads students into their classrooms. There were the portraits exhibited and it worked perfectly, because teachers, students and staff stopped to try to guess who was who. Unfortunately, parents cannot go to school right now, so they didn´t have this experience.


No funding.


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